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The Dawnhall, Towerglan, Bree-land.
Welcome to the Dawnhall, home of the Bloody Dawn!

We are a mercenary company based in Bree-land on the Laurelin server of The Lord of the Rings Online.

Our current officers are Ebold, Taala, Skalforn, Eroforth and Korval.

For recruitment please contact any officer to arrange an IC meeting. We exclusively accept the human race, and will also reject anybody who can not ICly deliver a skill which will benefit the company.

If you would like to present us with a contract, again, please organise a meeting with any officer. Two officers are required to accept a contract, and either can reject it on legal, moral or other basis. If your contract regards another player it is your responsibility to gain their consent first.

Our base of operations is at the Dawnhall located at 9 Chestnut Street, Towerglan. Have a look around our website and enjoy a pint of the finest mead Bree-land has to offer! Also, please visit for more information.
Basil's Bother (End of Event)

The Company made their plans to get to Ost Forod, confront the traitor Basil Gummidge and save the town from the hostile gang of tomb-robbers. Tom, Basil's right-hand man before the week's events, guided them to a tunnel, once used as an escape route should the old fortress fall under siege.

While the company made their way through the tunnel, Brammy went back to Rantost to convince the new leader there, Bencroft, to aid them.

Successfully getting to Basil's quarter's in Ost Forod, they found him, as Tom predicted, counting the coin made from his treachery. The leader of the tomb-robbers, Ayloyd, made a desperate attack against the company, After a brief fight, Kestrall struck him in the knee with her dagger, Taala shot him in the shoulder, before Skelcar made the killing blow.

In the meantime, Basil escaped through a door, which was found to be impossible to get through. Venting their frustration for a while, Tom eased their minds when he announced that Basil won't get far, he'd sealed the exit!

Meanwhile, Brammy arrives at the town with Bencroft's men and drive the attackers away, as Basil curses the company, locked in his own wine cellar.

((Thanks to all for making this such a great event! Brammy, Eroforth, Harswith, Kestrall, Skelcar and Taala were the core group, while Ayla and Verawulf attended a night each. Thank you all!))