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Rules of the Bloody Dawn
Section 1 - Out of Character Rules

1.1 No metagaming.
1.2 No god emoting.
1.3 No trolling.
1.4 Lore-breaking is not allowed.
(e.g. You will not have been raised in Rivendell)
Some bending of the lore, however, can be allowed in certain circumstances.
1.5 IC and OOC chat should be seperated.
/say and /emote channels are considered IC at all times.
All other channels, including the /kinship chat, are considered OOC.
1.6 Kinchat should be kept civil at all times.
Bad or offensive language, arguing, bullying or teasing will not be tolerated.
If a member has expressed a desire for a topic to not be talked or joked about, please respect their wishes.
Respect non-members in the same way, we are all representing our kinship.
1.7 All RP of an adult nature must be done solely in private channels, by consenting individuals above the legal age of consent.
While we allow adult themes in a suggestive manner in public channels, it should be curtailed immediately if anyone expresses that they are uncomfortable with the content.
1.8 Conflicts between two or more members must be handled in a private channel.
In the event that it cannot be resolved independently, contact an officer in a private channel and we will do our best to solve the issue objectively and fairly.
1.9 Promotions will be offered to members as and when vacancies arise.
Recruits will be offered a promotion to full member after thirty days, if the rules have been followed and activity has been deemed acceptable by the officers.

Section 2 - In Character Rules

2.1 Do not deliberately provoke fights with other players, unless absolutely necessary.
Under no circumstance raise steel against a fellow member.
2.2 Conflicting contracts are not allowed to be taken. (e.g. If we have already been contracted to guard a caravan, then we may not take a contract to attack said caravan)
2.3 All contracts must be approved by an officer, before it is carried out.
2.4 All of the rules stated in Section 2 are freely available to view ICly in the Dawnhall. There is no excuse for your character not knowing.

Section 3 - Officer Rules

3.1 Do not poach members of other kinships for recruitment purposes.
3.2 Interview potential members ICly before recruiting.
3.3 Make sure that the recruit knows where to find the rules and that they understand and agree to them.
3.4 Make sure to let the recruit know of the above IC rules and of the location of the Dawnhall.

Section 4 - Other

4.1 The Dawnhall is a communal area for members and non-members alike to engage in RP at any time.
The rules stated in Section 1 and Section 2 extend to this area too.
4.2 Kin members are free to enter and use the Dawnhall at any time ICly and OOCly.
We encourage non-members to announce themselves OOCly before entering where possible. This is only a matter of politeness, and is not compulsory.
4.3 Repeated breaking of any of the above rules may lead to kicking, at the discretion of the officers.
4.4 After 60 days of inactivity, you may be kicked. In order to prevent this, let an officer know beforehand if you will be absent for a longer period of time.
4.5 We are strictly a man-only kinship.
4.6 Register at for kinship news, events and more. Visit regularly to keep up to date.