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(Jun 03, 2017)
Hi Harswith.
(May 24, 2017)
I'm not in the kin anymore in game cause I didnt play but hi
(Apr 24, 2017)
My lovelies!
(Mar 27, 2017)
Nothing's coming up when I click the link, damn it
(Mar 26, 2017)
What's the link for the Discord? :D
(Mar 17, 2017)
I try my best to be there :)
(Mar 16, 2017)
Sorry Taala, I can't be there on that day either. ;~; Hope you guys have a good wedding. <3
(Mar 15, 2017)
Cancel whatever it is Ingrandor, your coming to the party, no if's or buts! lol
(Mar 09, 2017)
tsk tsk tsk I will be away at that day
(Mar 04, 2017)
Due to a tree falling on Ero's house ... we've had to put Taaloforth's Wedding event back to 18th March at 8.30pm GMT. Check Calendar please.
(Feb 28, 2017)
Update, Taaloforths Wedding Celebration Feast (no ceremony) Is now on 4th March 8:30 pm GMT. Held at The White Wolf in Towerglan.
(Feb 12, 2017)
Heya Dawners! Please come to Taaloforth's wedding party on 25th Feb!! I'll post a thread/event on this site.
(Jan 26, 2017)
I want beer!
(Jan 08, 2017)
Happy New Year my lovely Dawners!
(Dec 27, 2016)
Merry Christmas my beautiful Dawners <3
(Dec 25, 2016)
Merry Christmas!
(Nov 28, 2016)
Any plans for Christmas Holidays? Or is it good food and LOTRO?
(Nov 15, 2016)
(Nov 11, 2016)
You all owe me 2 barrels of beer!