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(Mar 15, 2016)
Yeah sure ill skype with anyone
(Mar 09, 2016)
I'll come on if ya skype me, I don't get on much on my own anymore.
(Mar 07, 2016)
Yeh, come back to us Stumps.
(Mar 07, 2016)
Thinking about coming back to RP, yall still active?
(Mar 02, 2016)
Make cake not war O.O
(Feb 13, 2016)
make dinner not war
(Feb 01, 2016)
(Jan 27, 2016)
Oh, doll divine is fun, just not enough face-editing ability
(Jan 27, 2016)
Cat, I saw your picture it was lovely. Seems a much better site than that doll devine one which I hate with a passion.
(Jan 26, 2016)
I have an event in mind, so I am posting a story of Ingrandor's doings after what happened with Cat and Gwyn.
(Jan 24, 2016)
for those of us who don't have any art abilities (aka me), Black Desert Online released their character customization for free and I spent too much time making Cat and took too many pictures. It's great for anyone who still comes around...
(Jan 24, 2016)
(Jan 20, 2016)
Indeed :c
(Jan 20, 2016)
No one comes on here anymore. This is sad.
(Jan 06, 2016)
happy new year everyone
(Dec 31, 2015)
Happy New Year!!
(Dec 22, 2015)
Happy holidays everyone!
(Dec 17, 2015)
aplogize for recent inactivity computer was down
(Dec 07, 2015)
my friend's back so I might be on semi more
(Dec 07, 2015)
oh please, I was on like a week ago